Bavarian Sausage

What could be better than a great big tasty Bavarian sausage to go with your stein of beer!

There are many types of Bavarian sausage, all that have their own history, flavour and ingredients. The most famous German sausages are the Weisswurst sausage, the Bockwurst sausage and the Bratwurst sausage.

Most Famous Types of Bavarian Sausage

Weisswurst Bavarian Sausage

The English translation of Weisswurst is “White Sausage” which directly describes its ghostly appearance. The pale white colour is due to the sausage not having any added ingredients that retain the colour of the meat during cooking.

The Weisswurst Bavarian sausage is traditionally made with veal and bacon, then flavoured with a mixture of parsley, onions, ginger and lemon.

A Bavarian Weisswurst is cooked by poaching it in boiling water and usually eaten throughout the day as a snack between meals.

Bockwurst Bavarian Sausage

The Bockwurst Bavarian sausage can have a whole variety of fillings including veal, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, fish an even horse meat! It is then flavoured with salt, white pepper and spicy paprika.

This type of Bavarian sausage is heavily smoked before it is cooked, usually by frying, however it can also be grilled.

Bratwurst Bavarian Sausage

In English, Bratwurst means “Finley Chopped Meat Sausage”.

This Bavarian sausage is probably one of the most famous and widely consumed sausages outside of Germany because of the large number of variations available.

Some of the Bratwurst varieties include Fränkische, Coburger, Kulmbacher, Nürnberger and Würzburger sausages to name but a few. Most of the different types of sausage are specialist regional recipe variations.

Due to all of the different types of Bratwurst, the ingredients differ widely however most common is a mixture of veal, pork and beef.

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